Featured Fitness Content: Volume 49

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Personal Training, Coaching, and Strength & Conditioning

Exercise For Confidence: On-Field Groin Strengthening By Erica Suter

Gene doping might not work after all Craig Pickering via HMMR Media

Becoming a College Strength Coach By Mike Blasquez via Juggernaut Training Systems

Training strength with hypermobility; 14 year old female By Joy Victoria


Weight Loss, Nutrition, and General Health

6 Signs and Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance By Joe Leech via Diet vs Disease

Healthy Fats: 3 Delicious Ways To Include More In Your Diet By Charles Poliquin

7 ways to make time for exercise and nutrition. [Infographic] via Precision Nutrition


Strength Training, Powerlifting, and Bodybuilding

5 Cable Exercises You Should Be Using By Mark Dugdale via EliteFTS


Motivation, Business, and Success

3 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your First Team Member By Michael Keeler via Business for Unicorns

The 14 Best Nootropics and Smart Drugs Reviewed By Erica Julson via Healthline


Physical Therapy, Alignment, and Injury Prevention

15 Exercises to Instantly Improve Knee Pain By Russ Manalastas via John Rusin

Tip: The Cure for Hip Tightness & Immobility By John Rusin via T-Nation



Can Ischemic Resistance Training Improve Your Swimming Endurance and Oxygen Capacity? By Gary John Mullen via Swimming Science

Does Dehydration Impair Swimming Performance? By Gary John Mullen via Swimming Science


Ruthless Performance Coaches’ Content

Internal Program Review: Collegiate Swimmer Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Program – Day 1 By John Matulevich